Jan 7, 2010

Twitter followers

Social websites like Twitter are valuable tools for online marketing. With the constantly increasing number of users Twitter is tempting place for internet marketers. But Twitter marketing don’t always work, many people are disappointed after a try. As any other type of optimization and marketing, Twitter marketing needs a carefully designed strategy to succeed.

Mass following
Mass following – this strategy doesn’t work so well any more. While Twitter accounts are increasing their number, the real people using this service are relatively same count and their number isn’t growing so fast. Of course many accounts will follow you back – some of them use auto follow back scripts, others just follow all of their followers. But how many of them are real people? And how many of them will read your tweets? Here is the time to ask: Why do you want more followers? Is it because you want somebody to read what you have written? If it is so you need real people not empty accounts or bots. Even most of the SEO specialists and Twitter marketers don’t read other people tweets. They usually follow more than thousand people, it is totally impossible to keep up with all.

One reason Twitter became so popular in a short period is that it is easily used for marketing products, services and brands. Large numbers of Twitter users are actually there not to participate in the community but to promote. Some have gone even further with automated posting and similar techniques.

Following blindly or using mass follow tools will get you large number of followers but your tweets won’t get any attention. No one will read your messages, no one will retweet good ideas and no one will follow your links.

Many people complain that Twitter doesn’t work for them and this is the main reason. Using mass follow tools get them only low-value followers. So they spammed their bot-followers with their link and surprise! No visitors from Twitter …

Twitter marketing is more than getting random followers.
You need followers who are interested in your business and your tweets. Getting such followers is hard and time consuming. You must build your name like building a brand. Being an expert in your sphere will make people to take you seriously.

People are more likely to pay attention to someone who talks with them. Real personal messages, answers to questions, comments on relevant tweets are all ways to interact with your followers.

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