Jan 12, 2010

List of top five micro-blogging platforms

http://twitter.com/– Maybe most popular micro-blogging service out there. I’ll be surprised if you don’t use it. So much is written about Twitter that I can’t add noting new.

http://friendfeed.com/ - FriendFeed is a micro-blogging service and feed aggregator that makes it easy to share information like messages, photos, videos and so on online. If you want to keep track on multiple feeds and share information with your friends, FriendFeed is your option.

http://identi.ca/ - Micro-blogging service based on the StatusNet tool. It is getting more and more popularity.

http://www.jaiku.com/ - Conversation-based service, currently owned by Google.

http://www.ping.fm/ - Free social network and micro-blogging service, that enables users to post on multiple social networks simultaneously.

Jan 11, 2010

Real Time Search - SEO experts, are you ready?

Social Media gains more weight in SEO. This video shows the value of Twitter posts in the search results page.

The event video:

Jan 10, 2010

How to optimize a flash site for search engines

Many people still believe that search engines can’t crawl flash content. This may be true for small search engines but Google can actually read and index flash content. Of course if you go to a SEO company, asking for optimization of flash website, there is a huge probability that they will turn you down or ask for a huge amount of money.

SEO of a flash website is not that unusual or complicated, compared to optimization of standard, HTML site. Google can crawl and index the text content and discover links of all swf file formats. At the moment of writing this, Google bot can’t index images, stored in a flash. So flash is not appropriate for an image gallery, if you want to get traffic from your images. It’s a pity because Flash is very suitable for designing cool and shiny photo galleries; I think that soon Google will handle flash images.

External content
The latest update of Google flash handling capabilities was the ability to crawl external resources, loaded by a flash file.

Flash for navigation
You can see many articles with advice not to use flash for site navigation but you can go around the problem easily, just submit your sitemap to Google.

So, how to optimize flash content for search engines?
  • On-site optimization
    Google bot behaves like any human visitor, it will fill forms, press buttons and view the content. The bot can understand text content and hyperlinks so you need to have accessible text content within your flash website.
  • Off-site optimization
    You need to do all the standard SEO routines – submitting to link and articles directories, forum posting, blog commenting, Social Media Optimization, Social Bookmarking.

Further reading:

http://googlewebmastercentral.blogspot.com/2009/06/flash-indexing-with-external-resource.html - Flash indexing with external resource loading

http://googlewebmastercentral.blogspot.com/2008/06/improved-flash-indexing.html - Flash Indexing

Jan 9, 2010

4 reasons your pages to be deindexed by Google

Pages that are indexed by Google appear on the result pages. Pages that aren’t indexed or are deindexed for some reason don’t appear in the SERP and don’t bring SE visitors. So if you have a website with over thousand pages, only the pages that are indexed by Google will appear in the search engine results page.

Duplicate content
Even though Google have several videos where they claim duplicate content is not so dangerous for website ranking, it may lead to loosing positions and even disappearing from the SERP.
Blog platforms often show the same content in different pages – monthly archives, label pages and so on. Try to minimize the harm through robots.txt and canonical links.

Unprofessional search engine optimization can harm your site and case it to be deindexed from Google. It is better to avoid fast and aggressive methods of link building.

Untrusted site
Thousand pages on the net have some kind of malicious code that harm their visitors. Google tries to ensure its users safety and de-index such pages.
For some reason Google may think that your site is untrusted or even harmful.

When SE bots try to crawl your pages and
If your server is down when SE bots try to crawl your pages, they may disappear from the SERP. You can check unreachable pages and other crawl errors through Google Webmaster Tools.

Jan 8, 2010

Social Media Optimization in 2010

Social Media Optimization is a marketing technique, used to attract visitors and customers by promoting website, service or product through social media. At the beginning of 2010 many businesses are aware that SMO is important for their development and success.

With the invasion of personalized search results, SMO campaigns gain more value for direct marketing and indirect link building and optimization.

SMO – important parts
Social media optimization includes many techniques like blogging, micro-blogging, forums, commenting, participating in different social and mailing groups. SMO is not just creating accounts in Twitter and Facebook, or blogging the promotions. Social media optimization is the art of engaging the community into dialogs, getting feedback, and even providing online support services. Yes, social media tends to work great as an online support or feedback media, and it works a lot more poorly for just usual promo messages.

SMO affects SEO
SMO plays great role in regular SEO campaign. Yes, it brings SEO value as it brings new links. You can easily obtain new, SEO-friendly links from blogs and forums, and even links with nofollow like Twitter links are crawled fast and add some SE value to your content.
Actually I have an observation that Twitter message links are crawled in minutes after posting. They contribute great for your content to be crawled fast and indexed as popular.

Community links
People usually blog stories and services that grab their attention. Quality tweets get hundreds and even thousand retweets. All this mark your content as popular and increase its search engine value. You can even just ask your friends and followers to spread an idea and add a link in their blogs. This simple approach may get incredible success.

Social Media Optimization will have great impact on this year optimization strategies. Smart businesses will orient their marketing efforts on getting better communication with their potential clients, and SMO will play big role there.