Aug 25, 2009

Meet our team

So who are we? Here is a photo of our team:

Here are the sales manager Anna, the webmaster Diana, and part of the PHP developer Kleo.

And me, the youngest SEO expert here:

Aug 23, 2009

Link building – are you doing it right?

Link building plays very important role in every search engine optimization campaign. Quality links bring traffic, reputation and rank to your site. Many webmasters spend hours every day submitting their links to various web directories, search engines, forums, blogs, social media websites. These efforts are not always rewarded. Do you spend a lot of time link building without effect?

What are the steps for successful link building? Some basic rules:

  • Article submission. Select good and popular article directories. It is better to post less quality articles to few high traffic article directories than spam with many low quality articles directories with no or low page rank and few visitors.

  • Social bookmarking. Make respectful accounts in some of the best social bookmarking services. Bookmark your links together with some other high class sites.

  • Forum posting. Select few popular dofollow forums in your target niche and mix with the crowd. Make creative topics and help people with advices. Use keywords for your signature links, not just the usual click here.

  • Blog commenting. Again, it is important to select dofollow blogs. Good comments can even bring you loyal visitors.

  • Link exchange. Many search experts say that link exchange any more but I’ve seen it actually works pretty well.

  • Link directories. I’ve made a post Good and bad link directories – it’s about the quality of the link (if there is any).

  • Spamming won’t help you. Just posting your link over and over again to forums and blogs won’t rise your site pagerank. It even can damage it.

The results won’t come always fast. Patience is also very important. Don’t give up because things don’t occur with the speed you want.

Aug 22, 2009

Link building - Good vs Bad web directories – how to tell them apart

Many SEO experts spend hours every day submitting links to web directories. Web directories are easy way to build your site rank or many people think so.

Where is the catch here?

Not all link directories are the same. From good web directory to bad web directory – there is a huge difference. The good one will help your site rank, while the bad one will lose your time and eventually get your email.

How to distinguish them? What is bad web directory?

Some webmasters offer not so SEO friendly web directories. You can never get a link from them. It looks like link to your site but it can be a JavaScript or link to their own website with an id – they simply redirect the viewer to your page but you don’t get a link. Search engines can’t find you. The other way is to simply add nofollow to the link – the either way you won’t increase your website rank.
So the good web directory is the one that helps you with quality link to your website. You can check the link for any attributes or scripts.

Of course this article is totally centered at link building. On the other hand - there are some web directories focused on live visitors. They often include nofollow or other trick to prevent simple spamming but it don't make them waste of time. Contrary, they can help you with quality and well targeted traffic.

Aug 17, 2009

Don’t comment with "cool blog" style phrases or again for comment spamming

You know – my email is full of spam. So is my regular mail box. People got tired of spam long ago. More than 80% of internet is spam so don’t produce more. Comment spamming can frustrate many bloggers.

On the other hand link building is important for every starting web business. You need some initial amount of links to be discovered by readers. Popular SEO advice is to post comments on blogs in your niche. You’ll see this advice in many "top 10 link building tips" posts. And it is not so bad to use it. Just don’t post junk content. If you intend to post something like "Cool blog", "Very good post", "Good point" or etc please stop. Your comment will be deleted from almost everywhere. Posting such comments doesn’t pay back – you will lose your time and won’t get anything back.

Comment only if you want to say something about the post/blog topic. Say something interesting, not just crap. Cool comment on a popular blog can bring you tons of visitors.

Aug 14, 2009

How to successfully market on twitter

What is twitter?
Twitter is a popular social networking service with tons of fans. People all over the world use twitter to blog their actions, ideas, jokes. Many marketing experts take advantage of its popularity to market their services and products. Twitter is an easy way to reach your end clients and to freely communicate with them. People are more likely to adopt an idea received from a fun service like twitter rather than simple advertising on a TV.

Why should I market my website or service on twitter?
If you don’t like the idea – you shouldn’t. Try twitter, make some friends and start to update regularly. When you grasp people’s attention – ask yourself – “Is this a suitable way to market my business?”
Twitter is an easy and fun way to pass a message to the masses.

First steps
Make an account, customize it to better express your personality and start micro-blogging. You have a simple question to answer – “What are you doing?”

Follow people
Follow interesting people. Twitter is just about that – follow and be followed. More of the people you follow will follow you back so go for it. Grow your community. Feed it with regular and fun thoughts, even politic comments are ok. Share what is on your mind. If you are original enough your community will grow fast.
Be careful not to add people automatically or too fast because this may get you banned.

Follow popular trends
At the time I write this article people, several crazy trends are getting popular on twitter. For example – today is Friday and people are writing on the #Follow Friday topic. It’s on the first page of course. Keep track on popular words or trends and use them. Write an interesting message to get attention.

Promote your site
Be careful when promoting. People are tired of spam. They get spam everywhere, don’t throw junks at them. Use your site to share something valuable with them. Don’t use phrases like “Visit my website”. Send your message in an appropriate way – write something that will intrigue your readers.

If you market a service – offer some promotion to your followers. Make something free for them. Give them a reason to like you and they will become your loyal clients.

Be original
I know that it is very hard to be original among thousands of people like you but please try. People prefer to read something new. Or if it is not exactly new, tell it in a different way. Its half of the work.

Twitter got popular because people want to communicate. It is a service that offers people an easy way to shout what is on their mind. It can be a good place for marketing if you make it the right way.