Jan 4, 2009

SEO errors during web site development and design

Many companies consider redesign or redevelopment of their website to attract and impress new clients. They contact with web development company and purchase a fancy web design and somewhat functional CMS.

Nowadays no one underestimate search engine optimization any more. Almost every business considers hiring a SEO company or expert to do the optimization part on the ready website.

Where is the error here?

Search engine optimization is a complex process. Basically it can be divided into two parts – on-site optimization and off-site optimization. Doing on-site optimization on a non-optimized, fully-developed web site will cost a lot of efforts. To cut short the costs, search engine optimization must be kept in mind during the website development and design.

For example flash menus can be good looking but the search engines still can’t handle them. The same goes for JavaScript menus and navigation. The overall site usability must be approved by a SEO expert.
There are many requirements for a site to be SEO friendly – different titles and meta tags for different pages, articles, categories, etc. Search engine friendly urls also must be considered.
I won’t list all the necessary stuff, because this post will become too long.

What is the solution?

A good SEO expert must participate in development process. Developers and designers must be in touch with him from the planning point of the project. There are some web development companies that offer a complex solution – web design, CMS development and SEO optimization. Anyway consider consulting more than one SEO expert and ask about the reasons for every step with suspicion.