Jan 6, 2010

How to promote a blog

Do you need to market your blog?

If you want to make money from your blog you need to market it as any other product out there. Blogging is not just writing and publishing articles. Visitors and income won’t just fall from nowhere upon you. You need to work hard to optimize your blog, create quality content, and promote them.

Content quality

In order to make money from your blog you need to have content that can bring people to visit again and again. Here is a set of simple rules that can help you:

  • Writing high quality content is the first and most important rule.
  • Use spell checking and grammar tools.
  • Read your post twice before publishing.
  • Find someone to read your post and find errors and misunderstandings before posting.
  • Write on valuable and popular topics.
  • Use simple but professional design.
  • Make your blog SEO friendly.

Ways to promote a blog
There are several basic ways to promote a blog.
  1. PPC advertising
  2. Social media marketing – promote your blog in services like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace.
  3. SEO – hire a SEO company or do the job your self. SEO can bring you tons of targeted, SE traffic.
  4. Forums – you can successfully market your blog on forums, especially your niche forums. Join some and give a try.
  5. Blog commenting or guest posting – participate on other blog communities, share useful and relevant information.

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