Jun 25, 2008

Blogging, SEO with blogging

Nowadays blogging have become a popular hobby for many. It is not necessary to be a tech guy to have a blog. There are even some pretty popular house wife blogs out there. Anyone can blog.

Benefits of having a blog

Have you asked yourself why people spend so much time in this? There are some good reasons behind. Of course, there are some sole bloggers, writing only for the idea out there. But blogging is a great way to promote, market and SEO website or service.

Both people and search engines are interested in fresh content and regularly updated blogs have it. Blogs often get fast indexed and on the top for hard keywords. Also blogging for your service, website or product will boost their popularity.

In other hand if you manage to create interesting and popular blog, you will get some regular visitors. People that like your blog will recommend it to their friends and will share your URL in popular forums and social networks. So you will have many visitors and some new and cool natural backlinks.

So what do you need to have a fancy blog? Is it expensive?

No. There are many free blogging services. Most popular of them are blogger and wordpress, but there are also many others. Almost all of these services give the opportunity for customization. You can have your unique style and there is no need for paying.

Jun 3, 2008

Fast SEO tip: Use keywords in the page titles

Why to pay attention to the title?
The title tag has great value in a SEO campaign. Most of the search engines pay a lot of attention to the page title.

So what to use in the title tag?
The worst possible idea is the website URL or name only.
The best title tag must contain a good selection of keywords, set in a human readable manner.
Don’t use very long title tags because search engines like Google will consider that for spam. Use short and explaining title with the strongest of your keywords.

If your website has multiple pages use different, describing titles for any of them.

One of the best tactics for search engine optimization for blogs is to use the post titles for page titles.

Forums – often webmasters use only the forum’s name in the title. Better approach is to use the topics name for this. It will help the forum to be easily targeted in the searches.