Sep 12, 2008

More abstract view over the link-building process

Link building is one of the most important parts of a SEO campaign. Anyone speak how this affects your website’s PR or traffic.
Link building can be split in several parts:

Directory submission

There are many web directories out there. They vary in types – free directories, deep-link directories, paid directories, topical ones. Web directories at any kind are a good way to make the count of links to your website greater. They can be good filling in any search engine optimization campaign. But web directories can’t be the only source of links or you won’t have satisfactory results.
Article directories
I am not a big fan of them. It hardly cost its time for me. There are only few good ones.

Link exchange

Link exchanging with related sites - one good way to get nice rank and a lot of targeted traffic. Offer some good link exchange program on your site and people will contact you with proposals.


Contribute to some related forums. Share your experience and your URL


Links from popular blogs help both with good value and some traffic.


Ask people around you to help in your campaign.

Social networks/bookmarks/etc

Go for it. Put your titles on the main sites and ask some friends to vote for you. Make good friend networks and share your offer.

So what is the best option?
All. One good campaign must be well balanced, depending on the type of the website, service and target market.