Aug 22, 2009

Link building - Good vs Bad web directories – how to tell them apart

Many SEO experts spend hours every day submitting links to web directories. Web directories are easy way to build your site rank or many people think so.

Where is the catch here?

Not all link directories are the same. From good web directory to bad web directory – there is a huge difference. The good one will help your site rank, while the bad one will lose your time and eventually get your email.

How to distinguish them? What is bad web directory?

Some webmasters offer not so SEO friendly web directories. You can never get a link from them. It looks like link to your site but it can be a JavaScript or link to their own website with an id – they simply redirect the viewer to your page but you don’t get a link. Search engines can’t find you. The other way is to simply add nofollow to the link – the either way you won’t increase your website rank.
So the good web directory is the one that helps you with quality link to your website. You can check the link for any attributes or scripts.

Of course this article is totally centered at link building. On the other hand - there are some web directories focused on live visitors. They often include nofollow or other trick to prevent simple spamming but it don't make them waste of time. Contrary, they can help you with quality and well targeted traffic.

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