Oct 27, 2009

How to create SEO-friendly JavaScript menus

JavaScript is not SEO friendly.
You can find this statement all over the web.

What does it mean and is it really true?

I’ll try to answer.

What SEO-friendly means?
SEO friendly or Search-engine friendly website is a website which is easily crawled by the search engine robots. JavaScript in page navigation can stop the crawlers from accessing some pages but this doesn’t mean you can’t use JavaScript in website menus. As long as you have anchor links your pages are accessible.

For example you can have a list with your links animated as a drop-down menu. You must have

<a href=”http://mysite/my_inner_page” >menu item</a>

in your list items and your inner pages will be easily accessible by all web crawlers.

So, JavaScript can be used in optimized websites and if it is used cleverly it won’t harm the SERP results.

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