Oct 2, 2009

How easy is making money online?

Is it easier to make money online? Can I make money online fast and without efforts?

No. The answers of these questions are no and no. Money from internet aren’t easy, most of the time working online is even harder than a regular job. In your regular job you have a job description, you have a schedule and you don’t have to work fast and have overtime. There are regular jobs with a lot of stress but it all depends on your decision and state of mind. Overworking is relatively rare.

In other hand working online is not scheduled. You have to do many different kinds of work. Communicate with clients, hire professional or do something specialized yourself. You don’t have to work eight hours every day, sometimes you have to work more than 12 hours daily to make a living.

Working online requires knowledge in many different fields – marketing, SEO, web design, client management and much more. If you sell products online you have to study your products and their market. Research their target audience.

Of course, you can hire experts to do every specific task but most of the online businesses start with few or even no initial money.

Yes, online you can make money. But forget the fast part. Only scam businesses promise to make you rich fast. Every online business must start with building a community. You need to earn your clients trust and this is a slow process.

Don’t get me wrong. There are a lot of pros to make money online. The feeling that you depend only on yourself and your skills is irreplaceable. Your efforts are not in vain and the key decisions are all your doing. To grow a business is something that can inspire almost anyone. If you a good enough you will eventually get more money than your regular job.

Making money online is not easy. You need luck, you need knowledge and you need to work hard sometimes more than 10 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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