Nov 5, 2009

Viral Marketing Intro

Have you heard the term Viral Marketing? Ever wonder what is it exactly? Why people pay so much attention to it?

What is Viral Marketing?
Viral Marketing is a marketing technique that uses word-of-mouth and social networks to achieve its goals and reach wider audience. It can be used for many marketing goals like increasing brand awareness or sales.

Tools of Viral Marketing
Many new technologies can be used in a Viral Marketing campaign. For example videos, flash games, software and e-books are very common.

High-tech social networks like Twitter, Digg, YouTube are common tools in many campaigns.

Very popular approach is the viral video method. In it a video (usually a fun video) is spread all over the internet through services like YouTube, blogs, instant messages. Have you ever received a fun video from a friend? Some people tend to send such links to all their contacts without even a vague idea for their role.

Viral Marketing relies on the sharing instinct of the masses. It is considered for one of the Internet wonders.

With the increasing number of online communities the viral market became easier and cheaper to achieve. More and more big companies turn their sight on it. You can see their profiles on Twitter and other similar services - Google, Yahoo, Microsoft.

The future
If you thing this is too much, be prepared for the future. Many marketing specialists tend to say that Viral Marketing is going to play larger and larger role on the market.

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