Oct 24, 2009

10 reasons to use blogger

Blogger is a popular blogging platform used by many people.

Here are the reasons I use and like blogger.
  • It is free.
    You don’t have to pay for domain name or hosting. You don’t have to pay for support. Of course you can use your domain, but there is always an option to make your blog totally free. The possibility to minimize the costs is very important for new internet businesses. And you have the freedom to experiment and learn without paying anything.
  • It is easy.
    It is very easy to use. You don’t have to read long tutorials or boring documentation to do something with your blog. For example you can change your template with only few clicks.
  • It is customizable.
    You can change almost anything to better represent your ideas.
  • There are many templates.
    Blogger offers its own template API and a page with lots of templates. You can also download a template from many websites that offer free blogger templates. Just type “free blogger templates” in Google and you will find countless websites.
    Editing your template is not hard either. You can code it from PSD with almost no efforts. You just need to know basic html and read the help page.
  • It is SEO friendly.
    Your blog will be SEO friendly without any efforts. You don’t need to do or install anything.
  • It is professional.
    Your blog can look professional and high quality if you provide good content. Yes, it is a free service but people choose it because of its quality. You don’t have down time or problems and its support and security are at high levels.
  • You can make money with it.
    You can use Adsense or other network to make money. You have no restrictions as long it is legal and it complies with its terms of use.
  • It is multi-language platform
    You can work with it on your own language.
  • It has many add-ons.
    You can add many different gadgets with only few clicks. You can add search box, adsense widget or even a poll.
  • It is fun!

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