Oct 16, 2009

Short list of useful blogging tips

Blogs are taking over the world. They are everywhere and about everything. Everyone can have a blog. And people make money from their blogs. You can see good blogs and bad blogs, seo blogs, entertainment blogs, personal or even an autoblogs.

How to create a popular blog? It is not an easy task and many people start and then give up.

Here is my list of advices for beginner bloggers:

  • Establish a blogging schedule
  • Write good content
  • Don’t copy blog posts
  • Copy successful bloggers
  • Use common sense
  • Offer useful information
  • Get cool and easy to understand blog theme
  • Have simple blog navigation
  • Select a niche and stick on it
  • Comment on other blogs in your niche
  • Participate in comments discussions
  • Participate in forums
  • Create videos
  • Use photos
  • Drink your morning coffee before posting
  • Think before posting
  • Use twitter to promote
  • Use sense of humor
  • And have fun
  • Learn SEO
  • Read blogging news
  • Be creative
  • Create goals
  • Follow your goals
  • Analyze, analyze, analyze (your visitors, traffic, achievements)

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