Oct 20, 2009

How to get traffic through forum posting

Maybe you have heard that forum posting can bring you traffic and you wonder if it is true. The answer is – yes, it is true for people who know what they are doing. Here is a simple tutorial on how to get targeted traffic from forums.

First things first – start with a plan. Examine your site and select few good looking pages for landing pages. Or create some. Landing pages are important because they create the first impression. If you want an action make sure your message is clear enough.

Next, find a list of forums in your niche. It would be best if they are sorted according to their page rank. Filter the ones who don’t allow forum signatures. In the matter of facts you can try them, create account and make few posts but you won’t get much traffic from them. Don’t forget to add your site in your profile details.

Now you must have a list of niche forums. It is not a problem if they don’t allow sig during the first few days or posts. Register in all of them and visit their hello section. Say hello and few details about yourself. For example if you have a gaming site and you are a girl don’t forget to mention it. Use humor, people like funny things.

Make a posting schedule. Try to post regularly and in all forum sections. When you have something like fifty posts – do your hit. For the time you spend on the corresponding forum you must know which topics are hot and create big buzz. Create a hot topic. You can use even a linkbait style. After few posts or pages submit this page to digg and some others social websites.

Continue to post even after the initial success. New posts will bring new visitors. And you get more incoming links. Keep up with your posting schedule or hire someone to do the work. If you use a freelancer to make forum posts for you – make sure the posts are quality enough. Just spamming will bring more harm than benefit.

Forum posting is an easy way to get targeted traffic, links and brand awareness. Forum can help your business grow but you must take the work seriously. Even if it looks like free time it is a job and you must do it careful and with a lot of thinking.

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