Nov 17, 2009

Link building – how different link types can affect ranking

SEO optimization of a website consists of two main parts – on-site optimization and off-site optimization. On-site optimization is the process of improving your content and your site accessibility. Off site optimization is the process of link building, marketing and so on. They may seem not related but it is not exactly true.

Quality content can bring you a lot of good and high quality links. People will link naturally to your website and your inner pages. Off site optimization is the way to speed up this process. Doing SEO on a meaningless content is a waste of time.

How important are the quality links?

The links from a high traffic and trusted sites can bring you more value than a high number of low quality links. Links from authoritative sites in your niche are the best. The thought behind is that if a trusted site links to you, you must be a trusted site, too.

How important is the quantity of the links?

People tend to overestimate the value of the links but links from a website not related to your niche or with no search engine value won’t help you to rank well. They can even harm your ranking for a while. Even building them too fast can be suspicious and some of the search engines can mark you as a spammy content.

Relevant links

Links relevant to your site topics are better than ones that are not even if they are not high ranked. Unrelated sites won’t bring you targeted visitors or search engine ranking. There is no point of building them.

Link position
Links from the main page of a website have more value than links from the ‘Links’ or ‘Friends’ page. The number of links is also important for the value it ads to your site. If your link is at a position 100 in a list of links it won’t bring you much attention.

Reciprocal links

Many search engine optimization experts think that the reciprocal links are ranked slightly lower than normal, one-way links but I haven’t seen a confirmation of this statement. Most of the sites with two-way linking strategies have a lot of outgoing and ingoing links and my personal opinion is that harms their ranking more than the two-way links.

Outgoing links

Outgoing links can help you rank better or can hurt your ranking badly. If you link to related, trusted websites in the niche of your articles you will gain only profit. In other hand if you link to a low quality websites – your ranking will go down. Also big number of outgoing links can rate down your website.

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