Nov 11, 2009

Press Release Introduction

Press release is a message, written communication (or some other form like video, audio, etc) oriented towards the news representatives like newspapers, websites, magazines, Tv Stations or even bloggers.
Press releases are used to announce some sort of information as products, release dates, researches. Press releases can be mailed to different medias or stored on the announcer’s website as an electronic press kits.
A press release usual format is an article but it can be in a form of screenshots (game publishing) or a short video.

Press releases are common source of information for newspapers, news websites, magazines, radio and television stations. A lot of websites and blogs exist publishing only press release information from different sources. This is a common phenomenon in the gaming, software and hardware niches but it also occurs in several other topics.

Publishing your own press release will help the news media to discover your product. Press releases usually bring back good brand awareness and excitement. Press release can bring you a lot of attention, backlinks or even new customers.

Choosing press release format
The form of your own press release must depend on the type of information you want to announce. The basic written article stile is good for announcing some basic information and it is easier for publishing on almost all kind of media. Your final audience must be a considered too.

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