Nov 19, 2009

Blogging, technically

Blogging may look very easy but creating a high-quality, money making blog requires a lot of efforts. Just posting content won’t make you rick. Your blog will need a lot of maintenance and technical work.

In order to grow a money-making blog, there are several things you need to know. Here I’ll generalize the basics.

  • Select a blogging platform

    Part of the planning process is the selecting of a blogging platform. Here you must answer to several questions. The first and most important of them all is – do you have an initial capital? If the answer is no or you have a limited budget I’ll recommend a free blogging platform. There are several large scale and professional blogging software available for free. The same question is in force for the blog hosting. If you want to spend some money you better go for a free blog hosting.

  • Know your platform

    The next part of a planning process is getting to know your blogging platform. Start with reading the available documentation, license, user agreement. You better know what to expect because changing the platform or even the service later will be painful.
    Some experimenting with your future blog will help you solve some future problems in advance.

  • Help and Support

    Find if your selected platform or service have some support. Search for user feedbacks and opinions. Be sure you can relay on a professional help when needed. Check the community forums and read the newbie and tutorial section there.

Blogging is a serious occupation and money-making through blogging is a serious business. If you want a success there you need to approach every part carefully and plan your strategy in advance.

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