Sep 15, 2009

How to get more traffic – 15 easy and free ideas to drive targeted traffic to your site

Getting more and more traffic is the main goal for every webmaster. Getting enough real traffic sometimes is very hard to achieve. Your niche may be overpopulated or not so modern any more. Anyway there are people who need your information and services; you just need to find them. Here is a short list of ideas how to get more targeted traffic.

  1. Submit your site to search engines
  2. Submit your site to web directories
  3. Write articles and submit them to article directories
  4. Write press release
  5. Make a blog and post regularly with reviews of latest updates
  6. Update your site regularly - search engines like regular updates
  7. Make promo videos and submit them to YouTube and other related services
  8. Make cool channel with many related videos on YouTube
  9. Participate in social media websites like twitter and facebook
  10. Participate in Digg, and other social bookmarking and voting services
  11. Use email marketing
  12. Comment in blogs in the same niche
  13. Post in forums in the same niche
  14. Make freebies and give them away
  15. Make a contest related to your site

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internet marketing company said...

In addition. Join social networking site like facebook and twitter. Most of Company and website nowadays are building their own branding on social networking site to get notice and become popular.