Aug 23, 2009

Link building – are you doing it right?

Link building plays very important role in every search engine optimization campaign. Quality links bring traffic, reputation and rank to your site. Many webmasters spend hours every day submitting their links to various web directories, search engines, forums, blogs, social media websites. These efforts are not always rewarded. Do you spend a lot of time link building without effect?

What are the steps for successful link building? Some basic rules:

  • Article submission. Select good and popular article directories. It is better to post less quality articles to few high traffic article directories than spam with many low quality articles directories with no or low page rank and few visitors.

  • Social bookmarking. Make respectful accounts in some of the best social bookmarking services. Bookmark your links together with some other high class sites.

  • Forum posting. Select few popular dofollow forums in your target niche and mix with the crowd. Make creative topics and help people with advices. Use keywords for your signature links, not just the usual click here.

  • Blog commenting. Again, it is important to select dofollow blogs. Good comments can even bring you loyal visitors.

  • Link exchange. Many search experts say that link exchange any more but I’ve seen it actually works pretty well.

  • Link directories. I’ve made a post Good and bad link directories – it’s about the quality of the link (if there is any).

  • Spamming won’t help you. Just posting your link over and over again to forums and blogs won’t rise your site pagerank. It even can damage it.

The results won’t come always fast. Patience is also very important. Don’t give up because things don’t occur with the speed you want.

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