May 4, 2008

Link building strategy

When your site is ready and on-site optimized it is a time for link building. It is one of the most important parts of one Search Engine Optimization campaign. Making an error here can slow down your success a lot.

So what are the basic steps to advertise your web site?

1. First and most important add it to the search engines:

2. Submit your site to

3. Start submitting your site url to the web directories. Prefer directories with high PageRank. Always have in mind that few quality links can rank you higher than tons of low rate ones. Also pay special attention to directories that allow deep link submission.

4. Submit your RSS Feed to Feed directories.

5. If your site is with static content start a blog for it. Search Engines prefer fresh content and blogging is the ideal way to ensure it.

6. Add your content to social bookmark services like digg, stumbleupon, etc. Prefer links to articles or categories rather than just adding the whole site once. Consider some of the digg clones - there are some that perform very well for me.

7. Create accounts on social networks like myspace, facebook and so on. Careful friend network management can contribute great to your goal. Make friends and start marketing.

8. Add your site to your forum signatures. Choose your anchor text to be related to your keywords, not just “click here”.

9. Start to post comments on popular blogs. Just say your opinion and leave your link there. It is a good way to create fast contacts. Be careful and think what you are posting. High quality comments tend to bring more traffic than spammy ones.

10. Start submitting articles to article directories. Select several article directories with high page rank and post your information there.

Create a habit to work on your web site daily. After some time it will pay you well!

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