May 1, 2008

FAST SEO TIPS: 10 easy ways to improve your traffic

Just some basic tips for a good results in SEO.

1. Create Google Sitemaps – that will help Google to index your pages better.
2. Add your site to DMOZ.ORG
3. Add your site to free search engines.
4. Publish your RSS Feeds
5. Add your site to free web directories with good pagerank
6. Add your site to Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon
7. Use social networks to advertise your site
8. Create account in Technorati
9. Take participation in SEO Forums
10. Add your site with a relevant text to your forums’ signature.

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Sahil Raj said...

I was searching on internet and I found your Post on SEO Tips… is really interesting…keep it up….look forward to read more from you..