May 28, 2008

How to choose the right SEO expert or company?

Choosing the right search engine optimization consultant is a hard and responsible task for your business. Be careful to provide enough time and effort for it. If you are not familiar with the SEO theory consider reading the basics.

Your page maybe great in its niche but no one would know that without proper marketing. People must discover your existence. The role of SEO service is to promote your website through search engines. There is no big profit from ranking last at the search pages. Contrary everyone wants to rank on the top for a given set of keywords.

In other hand choosing an inappropriate SEO service can lead to many problems. One of the worst from them is dropping from the biggest search engines results page and lots of time and efforts are needed to return back.

First thing to keep in mind is that ranking in search engines is not certain thing. No one can guarantee ranking on the top on search engines like Google and Yahoo. And don’t trust people that promise to do that.

Be aware if an expert or company refuses to explain what they are going to do. You must have clear idea what are they doing and where your money go. If they don't explain every step in details to you, it is most likely that they are going to use shady methods for promotions.

Also keep in mind that link popularity schemes don’t work. The search engines have approved a lot and this kind of activity can even harm your ranking in the most popular search engines like Google and Yahoo.

Know the search engine optimization services market. Research large number of experts and companies and choose careful. A trustful SEO company must have good references.

A reliable SEO firm won’t try to exploit search engine algorithm vulnerabilities to get easy ranking, because this can lead to fast drop or even ban from the SERP. The best way for one SEO campaign is to target the long term results and use only white hat SEO methodology.

Be careful with SEO experts that promise to submit your page to thousands of search engines. You don't need this service, there are not so much search engines.

Don’t trust SEO firms that send you spam emails, this is most likely a scam.

SEO is a large and dynamic field. SEO expert from few years ago is not necessary an expert now. Search engines are constantly developing and improving for a better service and search engine optimization services must go with them. Old fashioned methods like repeating the keywords with invisible font won't work and can even harm a lot. Make sure that your expert is up to date with the theory.

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