Dec 10, 2008

Posting - how often?

How often I need to post in my blog to get on the top of the search engines?

This is a question that many newbie (and not only) SEO experts ask all over the net. And the truth is that no one can tell you the answer of this question. The answer is different for different blogs - for some people posting four times a week is the best, for other this doesn't work at all.

Some experts says - the more often, the better. I am not exactly convinced in this logic. Of course more posts will help in getting traffic and if they are with good content they will grab the readers attention to the blog. But not all of us have enough time to write cool, long post every day.

So for me works another tactic. I think that it is better to test for periods of one to two months with different frequency. You will find the best solution for your target market without spending too much time writing and wondering on the next topic.

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