Dec 22, 2008

The basic SEO rule!

Search engine optimization is a relatively complex business. Many people start working on it and give up after a while, thinking that they are not suit to do it.

Really, SEO needs a lot of work and knowledge. Any SEO master must know in depth many technologies like marketing, internet marketing, search engines, web design, some programming languages, etc.

Often, people start doing SEO without any knowledge, hoping that they will get it after some practice. Of course, large number of them fail. But there are few that succeed even without knowledge, support or investment.

So what is the basic rule of success in SEO?

It is simple - just never to give up. Yep, the success is not related to any knowledge, the most important thing is the wish for success. It is easy on words but after few months of hard work people tend to give up.

It is hard to continue working when you are disappointed of your achievements.

The cure for this state of mind can be a large vacation away from work and a strict schedule after it. This works for me pretty good, maybe it will work for you. And don't forget that you may be only one step away from the big SUCCESS!

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