Oct 15, 2008

SEO as a career - is it good?

Search engines play very important role in the contemporary life.
People nowadays search for anything - where to lunch, how to plan their holiday, how to fix something broken, even how to educate their children.

Search engine optimization services are high demanded. People need them in order to do their business. Any new website needs to be optimized. Can you imagine an e-shop with no visitors?

Is a SEO career possible?
Sure, there are many SEO experts, companies and so on out there. And they are making money.

Is a SEO career for you?
People can do anything they wish for. If you have enough time, investing it in understanding SEO basics will help you to answer this question. Technical background will help you a lot, of course. You need some knowledge about HTML, JavaScript and etc. for basic on site optimization.

What are the first steps?
Educate yourself about Search Engine Optimization. Read the basics and then start practicing.

Where to start?
There are two places to start - first is as a employee of a SEO company. The second way is the more risky - just start by yourself.

Of course don't forget that SEO like any other popular and money making profession desires hard and continuous work.

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