Jun 3, 2008

Fast SEO tip: Use keywords in the page titles

Why to pay attention to the title?
The title tag has great value in a SEO campaign. Most of the search engines pay a lot of attention to the page title.

So what to use in the title tag?
The worst possible idea is the website URL or name only.
The best title tag must contain a good selection of keywords, set in a human readable manner.
Don’t use very long title tags because search engines like Google will consider that for spam. Use short and explaining title with the strongest of your keywords.

If your website has multiple pages use different, describing titles for any of them.

One of the best tactics for search engine optimization for blogs is to use the post titles for page titles.

Forums – often webmasters use only the forum’s name in the title. Better approach is to use the topics name for this. It will help the forum to be easily targeted in the searches.

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Sphurthy Ravindra said...

Generally the post title is part of the page URL, is it good or bad?